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Talk about which heat dissipation method is better to use for automotive LED headlights?

 Now on the market automotive LED headlights using the heat dissipation of the main three ways, to clarify which design is better, you have to consider from the use of the scene, the installation space, the use of habits and other aspects respectively.
Here are a few ways to say automotive LED headlight cooling?
First, the radiator (sheet) cooling This is an early LED production program, there is only a radiator cooling, there is no fan, there is no heat dissipation copper tape. Advantages are simple structure, low cost, the disadvantage is that the heat dissipation effect is poor, the performance is not stable, and now has been rarely used;
Second, the copper belt heat dissipation using braided copper belt for heat dissipation, because the copper belt can be folded bending deformation, installation is relatively simple, the installation of space requirements are not high, this is the advantage; and the disadvantage is that: heat dissipation effect is not good, the performance is not stable, the light failure is relatively fast, the power attenuation is relatively fast, the power attenuation, the brightness will be down, which is why the use of copper belt heat dissipation of the LED headlamps after twenty to thirty minutes of the brightness will be slowly reduced for this reason.

Third, radiator + fan cooling radiator plus fan, radiator cooling for passive cooling, fan cooling for active cooling, combining the two together, in the same LED headlight, double cooling, multiple times the effect, this is by far the most effective way of automotive LED headlight cooling, there is no one.

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