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Automotive Lighting Modification-3 Ways

 There are many ways to modify car headlights, from simple and inexpensive replacement of white halogen bulbs, add brightening line, to modify high-power professional halogen bulbs or xenon bulbs, until the ultimate conversion HID xenon headlights, the cost of modification from dozens of hundreds of dollars up to thousands of dollars, and the effect of the sequential increase.
Primary Modification
White halogen bulbs and high-power halogen bulb modification cost: 60 yuan -300 yuan modification effect: not obvious at present the vast majority of domestic cars and some of the old models of imported cars are halogen lamps. Halogen lamps are filled with halogen gas to reduce the consumption of tungsten filaments to maintain the brightness of the bulb, extend the life of the bulb. The easiest way to modify the lights is to use a more powerful bulb. The general power rating of the original bulb in 60W or so, and high-power bulb wattage is generally 110W, it must be noted that to enhance the power of the bulb at the same time, you must also carry out a certain amount of modification of the line, such as the addition of headlamps to boost the line, or it is very easy to burn out the fuse, dangerous. In addition, many car owners like to change the color temperature of the higher white light bulbs, on the one hand, white light reflecting road markings when the contrast is strong, easy to see; on the other hand, the visual effect of the white light is better, more striking.

Intermediate Modification
The cost of xenon bulb retrofit: 300 USD - 800 USD modification effect: the general xenon bulb is considered the most elementary xenon lamps. It is in the original halogen light bulb plus injection of more active xenon gas, so that the brightness increased by 30%, close to the effect of daylight, and the penetration and reflection of passers-by, obstacles than halogen lamps to enhance. Xenon bulbs do not increase the power loss, there is no need to change the line, plug and play, easy to modify, the price is relatively cheap. The price of a pair of ordinary imported lamps is only about 300 yuan, is the ideal choice for owners of economical cars. Some car manufacturers are prone to xenon-enriched light bulbs and general halogen lamps confused, some sellers are also using the consumer preference for psychological white light, halogen bulbs in the glass tube to add one or more layers of blue coating, resulting in a blue-white high-color temperature light color, in order to pretend to be xenon-enriched lights. So owners need to pay attention when shopping.

Top Modification
HID xenon lamp retrofit cost: 2000 yuan - 10000 yuan retrofit effect: excellent HID xenon lamp is the most effective headlight retrofit. HID refers to the filamentless high-pressure discharge bulb, its brightness is 3 times brighter than the halogen lamps used today, emitting light like the sun. When driving at night, it can dramatically reduce eye fatigue. Power consumption of only 35 watts, consuming energy than the general halogen lamps to save 45%, the heat dispersed only half of the halogen lamps. The lifespan is said to be 5 times longer than halogen lamps, up to 3,000 hours, which is similar to the lifespan of a car. If price is not a factor, HID xenon lamps are the perfect car headlights. As a matter of fact, in the past, due to the high cost of HID xenon lamps, only some luxury sedans would choose to use them, however, now the price of some very good quality HID xenon bulbs has been reduced to a level that ordinary consumers can consider, and many owners of domestic economy sedans have converted their cars to HID xenon lamps.

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